Simon Goodey – Coach

Albion FLA coach Simon GoodeyWho is your favourite football player?
David Beckham. He is an iconic figure of English football. His dedication to his profession, the amount of time he spent practicing is something that is respected by so many. Moving away from family and friends at a young age and also being one of the only few English players to play abroad for different teams showed a desire to play and challenge himself at different levels and within different environments. Strong leader and character, dedicated to his football.
What is your favourite football team?
Colchester United FC. My local, home town team. A team I have supported since I was young, Colchester United FC is my favourite, being so close to home and being a season ticket holder before working for the club. The desire from the club to promote and develop young players into the first team is one that I have a strong passion for.
What is your favourite skill and who does it?
The skill of finding space and being aware of a player’s surroundings. Awareness, knowing what is around you and being able to plan ahead. This allowing players to make quicker and better decisions. This is vital for all players, but the best players do this so successfully.
If you could give one piece of advice about learning football what would it be?
Ask questions and be critical, watch and learn as much as you can. Make mistakes, learn from these mistakes and understand what to do next time to improve.
If you could give one piece of advice about learning English what would it be?
Try and be as creative and practical as possible, enjoy learning a language, play games and exercises to have fun whilst practicing. Try to learn a few new words every day and use these whenever possible.
What are your experiences in both coaching and teaching?
Since leaving school Simon has worked in schools, teaching and coaching a range of sports including football. Progressing and learning different aspects of sport he has developed a better understanding of the different areas of developing sport. Simon then moved onto working in football, spending time in different academies in England and whilst studying at University. Simon now has a range of experiences from different clubs in England and has now spent time in Spain learning the culture and better understanding the football methodology.