Albion was created with the idea of offering the English Language while enjoying the beautiful game of football. All sessions are conducted in English and delivered by a qualified coach in both football and teaching. In Albion, we adopt the mentality of learning through play, emphasising 4 fundamental principles of the sport that we love and at the same time learning a language that is beyond essential in the modern world. We call this the Albion DNA.

Like everything in life, if we do not enjoy the activities that we do, we lose interest quickly and neglected such things. In Albion, we adopt the philosophy; “if we enjoy what we do, we will learn more.” Our sessions are a reflection of this vision. Each session is carefully designed to have fun, both learning English and playing football-based activities at the same time.

Just playing the game is one of the best and most effective ways in learning how to play football. Carefully planned, situations of the game help players to solve problems on their own in a safe environment. This same thing happens also with English. At Albion we want to encourage learning through an environment that is designed to ‘play’ in English, with conversation, games and other specific learning activities, encouraging intercommunication skills and developing progress in a safely designed environment.

Expressing oneself is a vital part of life. This applies for both football and even more so languages, as communication is a pivotal part of a working life on and off the field. In Albion, we allow players to express themselves in ways that can benefit the game and the language. Expression is one of the key components of the Albion DNA.

Education is a very powerful tool, far more powerful beyond what we think, and with children, it is essential to educate them and teach them to stay on the right track throughout their career and life. In Albion, we encourage players to embrace education as a challenge broaden their horizons rather than just the football field. Learning another language can help with this personal journey they will embark on.

We work with footballers from amateur to professional level to help them improve their English language skills. Through our unique learning method, we combine football coaching and language training for those who are either lacking in motivation about their English or those who need a different approach. In addition, we offer soccer schools to children, to learn English through playing football.